RESPONSIBLE TOURISM (Environment Protected) in Sri Lanka

When we visit another country for a holiday or a business purpose, we become a “tourist.” In other words, tourism is traveling to other countries for pleasure or business purposes. Anyway, as a tourist; you must comply with the rules and regulations of the country you are visiting. Well, it should come from within your heart. You are traveling to a country with a different culture. The people in “that” country has different values and beliefs. So, as a “responsible tourist,” you should respect their beliefs and values.

OK, you are planning to visit Sri Lanka (the amazing island) for a  memorable holiday experience. How can you become a responsible tourist in Sri Lanka? As you already know, Sri Lanka is a traditional country with a very long history. The island’s culture is enriched with Buddhism and Sinhalese traditions. Even though this article focuses on “Environment Protection in Sri Lanka,” we must say to all the tourist (as a request,) “Behave Decently in Sri Lanka.”

OK, now let’s see the way you can protect the environment of the pearl island by practicing “RESPONSIBLE TOURISM.” Be the tourist who minimizes the environmental impact (negative impacts.) Protect the environment for the people living in this country. Well, it’s very sad to say that the people in Sri Lanka also pollute the heavenly places in the island. Even though strict rules and regulations are set to minimize negative environmental impact, you will see some places in the island have plastics and polythene destroying the natural beauty and threatening the lives of the animals.

It’s true that Sri Lanka generates a lot of income through tourism (the pearl island is a world-famous tourist destination for many reasons.) So, as a tourist; you are a part of the Sri Lankan economy growth. As Sri Lankans, we are thankful to every traveler who brings money to our country through tourism. At the same time, if you can become a part of protecting the precious environment of Sri Lanka; how responsible you are then as a tourist.

You can be the “perfect example” to loving the nature even to the local community in Sri Lanka. As a foreigner, show the local community that “I love Sri Lanka, and I want to protect its environment.” Even though the government of Sri Lanka with the wildlife department take many actions to protect the environment and animals, still; pollution is a great threat to the wildlife and the environment of the island. So, as a tourist; you can make a positive contribution to protecting the nature-rich environment of the country. Setting up that “ultimate example” in protecting the environment is the best thing you can do as a tourist.

As a person living on this planet, you have the right to witness the beauty of the other countries. Anyway, at the same time, you are bonded to protect the environment of a country. That’s what the article-7 (Global Code of Ethics for Tourism) of the World Tourism Organisation says. Let’s protect the precious environment of Sri Lanka. If we don’t; on the next time you visit this paradise island – you would get “sad tears” of frustration.





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