Wave Wonders

Dates & Nights – 08Days & 07 Nights

Period – May to October

Enjoy the roar, find the rhythm and experience the surfing-perfection of the waves of the Indian Ocean. Get back on your surfing board and paddle for perfect surfing waves and enjoy an ideal surfing vacation in Sri Lanka-an island well known for surfing in South East Asia.
Providing you with comfortable and safe transfers with our experienced chauffeurs, the tour includes fine accommodations and meal options making sure of your comfort in your holiday in Sri Lanka. Aiming to offer you a surfing excursion that exceeds your expectations, this tour is the best for anyone who is seeking opportunities to ride some waves.

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Day 01:

On the arrival, you’ll meet one of our representative with a friendly smile welcoming you to the paradise of Asia. Then, get on a comfortable vehicle to travel to the Hotel in Kalpitiya-your first destination in Sri Lanka. Enjoy your dinner at the hotel and spend the rest of the day relaxing after a long flight.

 Day 02:

Enjoy your breakfast at the hotel, and get ready for some thrilling action. Surf. Surf. Surf. Ride with the untamed waves of the Indian Ocean and find the perfect waves of your choice. Spend your whole day surfing at the beach and head back to the hotel for dinner and enjoy a relaxing night.

 Day 03:

Once you finish your breakfast at the hotel, go surfing again in Kalpitiya. Spend your time surfing as much as you like without any discomfort. After finishing your surfing session head back to the hotel and enjoy a warm and energizing dinner and spend the rest of the night enjoying the serenity of the surrounding.

 Day 04:

Have your breakfast and gear up to surf some waves curling over your head. Glide on a wave and paddle for another, feeling the wind and sea breeze. Return to the hotel after an amazing surfing experience and enjoy a world-class dinner and have a peaceful sleep.

 Day 05:

 Enjoy your breakfast at the hotel and head to the beach and enjoy another thrilling surfing experience. Ride some waves while hearing the breaking sounds of the waves and feeling the water spraying around you. Enjoy a wonderful dinner at the hotel and have a good night sleep relaxing after an exhausting surfing day.

Day 06:

Once you finish your breakfast, go on another adventurous surfing excursion. Enjoy the euphoria, peace, presence and excitement at the same time, in your time on the top of the waves. After you finish your surfing session for the day, head back to the hotel and enjoy a relaxing dinner at the hotel.

Day 07:

Have breakfast at the hotel and prepare to head for Wilpaththu. Experience an adventure in the wilderness in Wilpaththu exploring the Wilpaththu national park in a thrilling safari ride. Return to the hotel in Wilpaththu after a long day and enjoy a delectable dining experience at the hotel.

Day 08:

After having your breakfast, pack your belonging as it’s time to head to the airport for your departure ending your exciting tour in Sri Lanka.

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