Nature-Rich Environment of Sri Lanka

This 65,610 km2 island is the pearl of the Indian ocean. It’s also one of the world’s 25 Biodiversity Hot Spots. What does that mean? Well, it means; despite its small size, Sri Lanka is a paradise with a nature-rich environment. That’s not all. Per each 10,000 square km, this paradise island has the highest Biodiversity in Asia. So, why can’t we rank it as the “Best Place” to visit in Asia? Yes; we could, and let’s see why.

Sri Lanka’s Biodiversity

This is a top factor which proves Sri Lanka is the best place to visit in Asia. This relatively small country has 4000 species of flowering plants; 59 species of amphibians; 07 species of freshwater fish; 435 species of birds; 174 species of reptiles; and 140 species of mammals. Well, that’s not all; we have several thousand invertebrates within this 65,610 km2 island. 27% of the flowering plants and 22% of the mammals are endemic to Sri Lanka, which is a remarkably high proportion. 24 wild reserves make homes for these amazing creatures and plants. Visit these reserves to experience plants and creatures that you have never seen before. The “Asian Elephant,” sloth bears, leopards, a variety of deer, the unique small loris, wild boars, the purple-faced langur, and porcupines are the icons of Sri Lankan endemic mammals.

Forests of Sri Lanka

Well, the World Bank report (Forest area % of land area) says that as of 2015, 33% of the Sri Lankan land had a forest cover. This percentage proves that Sri Lanka is an island with a nature-rich environment. The lowland rain forests coverage in Sri Lanka is 2.4% of the total land. Out of all the forests in Sri Lanka, the Sinharaja (Lion Kingdom) holds the top spot, and it’s a designated World Heritage Site and a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. These forests are the kingdoms of many animals endemic to Sri Lanka.

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Waterfalls and rivers in Sri Lanka

The number of heavenly waterfalls and amazing rivers in Sri Lanka is a wonderous factor. Most of the waterfalls exist in the hill country. The rivers are spreading to the four corners of the island. These waterfalls create breathtakingly beautiful sceneries. The dense forests in the country make some waterfalls difficult to find and totally inaccessible. Anyway, world famous waterfalls (Bambarakanda, Diyaluma, Bopath Ella, Devon, Ravana, Dunhinda, Bakers, Hunnas, St Claire, and Ramboda Falls) are easily accessible.

Are you a fan of the beaches? Well, Sri Lanka is an island, so golden beaches exist around the country. Sri Lanka is relatively a small country, which makes it a complete and compact nature-rich tourist destination. In other words, a small island, but a big holiday. Sri Lanka is a complete package of national parks, botanical gardens, mountains, waterfalls, rivers/lakes, wildlife, and nature. So, your memories in Sri Lanka guaranteed to last forever. It will be a mesmerizing holiday that will fulfill your nature-rich environment cravings. All within a 65,610 km2 “pearl island” with a history runs overs 2500 years.


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