I am interested in making Sri Lanka my second Home / I like to retire in Sri Lanka

As a person born and raised in Canada, I thought Canada is the best place to live on earth until I visited a small country in Asia. I lived in that country for 04 months. When everybody said, “it’s the pearl in the Indian ocean,” I thought they were just exaggerating, but now I know they weren’t. Many factors proved me the that it’s the country that I should make my “second home.” Well, my dream second homeland nothing else other than the beautiful and wonderful Sri Lanka. During my 4-month stay, I fell in love with this beautiful island. OK, some cons are there, but the pros outweigh the cons making it a wonderful second “Homeland.” Let’s see the cons of making Sri Lanka your second home.

1) Sri Lankan people

During my 4-month stay, I experienced the priceless hospitality of the Sri Lankan people. They are waiting to welcome you with a warm smile. I haven’t seen that friendliness in many countries I have visited. Sri Lankan people never consider you as a “Stranger.” It doesn’t matter whether they saw you for the first time, they will invite you to their homes for a refreshing “world-famous” Sri Lankan tea. Moneywise they may not be the richest in the world, but they are very rich with precious human qualities. As you already know, Sri Lanka is a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, and multi-religious country. The civil war is over, so people can live in harmony.

2) Sri Lanka is a gorgeous island

This country is full of breathtakingly beautiful sceneries. The up-country side is the heaven on earth. I spent a month in the capital city of the island, and you can see the greenery in there as well. Golden beaches; mountains, wildlife; national parks, rainforests, historical places, and hiking trails make Sri Lanka a paradise to live. Well, it has a history that runs over 2500 years to be proud of.

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3) Education and health sector in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country that values free education and health services. Anyway, both the sectors have many downsides. The national hospital in Colombo is one of the best in Asia, but it lacks in facilities due to the high number of patient admissions. The schools in rural areas also lack in facilities. Anyway, private hospitals and education institutions provide a quality service for a high cost.

4) Public Transport

OK, I must say something about the public transport. Simply, it’s not reliable. On my first days, I felt that the private bus drivers are homicidal. Sri Lankan driver’s road discipline is poor, making driving in the roads a nightmare, but now I am used to that.

Anyway, I love this beautiful island. It has cons, but I see more of the positive side. Just like in every other country, some negative sides are there to overcome. It’s a safe country though. It’s crowned as one of the best tourist destinations in the world for many positive reasons. So, at the end of the day, I like to retire in Sri Lanka.

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