Forest Border Jungle Village experience – Let’s Camp in Sri Lanka

It’s a land like no other. It’s the pearl in the Indian ocean. 33% of the country has a forest coverage. Because of the sandy beaches, scenic beauty, ancient culture, tropical sunshine, and the cool climate in the hill country; it’s reputed as one the best tourist destinations in the world. How about visiting this heavenly island for a camping trip? Trust us; it would be one of your most memorable holiday experiences forever.

Well, many other countries are there for you to consider for a camping holiday trip. But Sri Lanka has it all from the wildlife, the hikes, ancient cultural sites, mountain climbs, greenery, amazingly endemic creatures, and the jungle trails. That’s why Sri Lanka is regarded a “true wonder” in Asia. Sri Lanka has many villages bordering the jungles, so you can have a memorable “forest border jungle village experience” like in no other lands.

Luxury Camping in Sri Lanka

How about spending a few nights in a jungle at the same time, experiencing luxury comforts? It’s the pure dream of any traveler who wants to witness the unique beauty of Sri Lanka. Well, it’s dead simple. All you have to do is booking a hotel in the wild to have a great camping experience while enjoying the authentic Sri Lankan cuisine for that wonderful “village feeling.”

If you want your camping trip to be more adventurous (without luxury comfort,) packages are available to fulfill your deeper cravings too. How about waking up to the sound of birds when golden sunlight entering your tent through the blinds? You would definitely feel like “oh, am I in heaven.”

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Camping Sites in Sri Lanka

Well, it’s not just one great camping location in Sri Lanka. What do you prefer; a camping location closer to a National park, Nature reserve, or in a breathtakingly beautiful landscape? Sri Lanka is a small island with a nature-rich environment, so a camping location is ready to fulfill your every nature craving. See below:

1) Horton Plains: Ideal for the ones who wants to camp in a hilly/cold environment. Visit the website ( for more information.

2) Udawalawa National Park: Ideal for the elephant fans. Visit the website ( for more information.

3) Yala National Park (Block 1 and 2.): The most visited national park in the island. Visit the website (

4) Wilpattu National Park: Another great camping location in Sri Lanka. (

5) Galoya National Park: One of the lesser known, but a wonderful attraction in Sri Lanka. (

6) Kumana National Park (Yala East): The best camping location for bird watchers. (

7) Bundala National Park: Another internationally-recognised location (for bird watchers) in the pearl Island. (

8) Kaudulla National Park: Recognised as an important bird area. (

The Sinharaja rain forest, Knuckles mountain range, Minneriya national park and Wasgamuwa park are the other locations for a great camping experience. So, if you were dreaming of visiting this amazing island for a camping tour, your time is here now.




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