RESPONSIBLE TOURISM (Environment Protected) in Sri Lanka

When we visit another country for a holiday or a business purpose, we become a “tourist.” In other words, tourism is traveling to other countries for pleasure or business purposes. Anyway, as a tourist; you must comply with the rules and regulations of the country you are visiting. Well, it should come from within your […]


Forest Border Jungle Village experience – Let’s Camp in Sri Lanka

It’s a land like no other. It’s the pearl in the Indian ocean. 33% of the country has a forest coverage. Because of the sandy beaches, scenic beauty, ancient culture, tropical sunshine, and the cool climate in the hill country; it’s reputed as one the best tourist destinations in the world. How about visiting this […]


Are you interested in engaging with the local community for Life experiences and sharing the culture of Sri Lanka?

Have you ever wondered about engaging with the local community for life experiences and sharing the culture of Sri Lanka? Well, the Sri Lankans are known for their hospitality and friendliness, so engaging with the local community would be a pleasant experience for anyone. Life experiences you will get in this beautiful island would be […]


I am interested in making Sri Lanka my second Home / I like to retire in Sri Lanka

As a person born and raised in Canada, I thought Canada is the best place to live on earth until I visited a small country in Asia. I lived in that country for 04 months. When everybody said, “it’s the pearl in the Indian ocean,” I thought they were just exaggerating, but now I know […]


Nature-Rich Environment of Sri Lanka

This 65,610 km2 island is the pearl of the Indian ocean. It’s also one of the world’s 25 Biodiversity Hot Spots. What does that mean? Well, it means; despite its small size, Sri Lanka is a paradise with a nature-rich environment. That’s not all. Per each 10,000 square km, this paradise island has the highest […]


5 Best places to visit in Sri Lanka throughout the year.

Finding the best sites to visit in Sri Lanka during your holiday is essential, so you won’t miss the best experiences. Here you’ll find top 5 best places to visit in Sri Lanka that are good to visit regardless the month you’ll be visiting the island. Sigiriya Lion Rock Offering one of the best landscape […]