Are you interested in engaging with the local community for Life experiences and sharing the culture of Sri Lanka?

Have you ever wondered about engaging with the local community for life experiences and sharing the culture of Sri Lanka? Well, the Sri Lankans are known for their hospitality and friendliness, so engaging with the local community would be a pleasant experience for anyone. Life experiences you will get in this beautiful island would be different from the ones you get in other countries.

When talking about the culture of Sri Lanka, the history is the major fact to consider. Our history runs for over 2500 years, and Theravada Buddhism has polished the culture to a greater extent. Anyway, Indian, Portuguese, Dutch, and British elements have created the modern culture in Sri Lanka. OK, the majority of the population is Sinhalese, so you will mostly notice a culture packed with Sinhalese and Buddhist beliefs. As a foreigner, you will see Sri Lanka as a traditional and religious country. Across the country, you can see thousands of Buddhist temples and other religious structures that prove religious orientation of the people and culture.

When engaging with the local community, you will notice unique qualities in Sri Lankan people. They are open, hospitable, friendly, and helpful. So, when a random person smiles with you; don’t consider it as an “odd thing.” The community will help you anytime when you need it.

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Sri Lanka has a unique culture and a great history to share with the rest of the world. There’s a strong relationship between the family members. The father of a family is the controller of everything. Anyway, the Sri Lankans treat the mother as the “god” of the family. Men and women both have equal rights to learn. No child marriages and “widow burnings.” These facts prove the gender equality within the community members, which is a great cultural factor for sharing with the rest of the world.

The villagers have a set of traditional beliefs. Even though you can’t give scientific explanations for these beliefs, they have a deep meaning. As a foreigner, you will enjoy knowing about these beliefs, and to share them with your community.

Cultural celebrations in Sri Lanka is another unique factor to consider. Sinhalese new year is a top celebration to talk about. “Aluth Avurudhdha” (On 13th or 14th of April) is the given name for this wonderful traditional celebration. The month April (Bak) is the festival month in Sinhalese calendar. Also, the Vesak festival. If you come to Sri Lanka between April-May, you can experience these amazing traditional celebrations. It’s a great way to know about the Sri Lankan community and to learn new traditions.

Sri Lanka is a country with a unique artistic tradition. Sri Lankan visual arts, dance, and music are among the finest creative forms in the world. Sri Lankan cuisine and historic medicine practices are internationally appreciated. As a foreigner, you can be the person who shares these traditional creative forms with your community. In summary, if you are interested in engaging with the local community for life experiences and share the culture of Sri Lanka, go for it. You are opening doors to a great new world full of new adventures.


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