6 Top reasons to visit Sri Lanka now

The tropical climate with the right dose of sunlight, refreshing beaches with crystal clear waters, pristine nature and friendly locals… There is no single word that can sum up Sri Lanka. But here are 6 reasons to visits Sri Lanka now.

One of the Best Islands ever

Being a tropical island enriched in nature, culture, heritage and locals with kind hearts, Sri Lanka is one of the best and the cleanest island in South East Asia. Deposit of its size, Sri Lanka offers you a huge variety of unique experiences, making your holiday in Sri Lanka is one of the best island vacation you’ve ever had.


Unbelievably vivid turquoise waters… A long stretch of white sand…Magical sunsets and soothing sea breeze…

No matter, what beach you are visiting in Sri Lanka, you will find your own slice of heaven filled with peace and relaxation. Sit by the beach and gaze at the horizon. Go for a refreshing swim and enjoy a perfect beach vacation.

Wildlife and nature

The unspoilt nature of the island saturated with a diverse of wildlife is another reason, you should consider spending your next vacation in Sri Lanka. Majestic elephant, exclusive Leopard, Wild boar, Whale, a lot of birds and a verity of a flora life await to add precious moments to your holiday in Sri Lanka.


Apart from the enchanting sights and experiences, Food is next thing Sri Lanka charms travellers with. The Sri Lankan cuisine which has blended with Indian, Tamil, Dutch and Portuguese culinary, owns unique and tasty dishes you can only taste in Sri Lanka, opening new taste experiences for your taste buds.


Well known for its people who welcome travellers with open arms and hearts, Sri Lanka is a multi-ethnic and multi-religious country which present you a fascinating mixture of cultures. “They are the nicest people in the world.” is a thought you think over and over again, in your holiday in Sri Lanka with all the friendly faces, you notice at every turn.

Best Value for money

For sure, it is less expensive than to the most countries in the world. Yet travelling Sri Lanka can be slight expensive compared to travelling other South Asian countries. But unlike other countries of the region, Sri Lanka offers you the best value for your price. It may be food, accommodation or transport. Almost every service in Sri Lanka will offer you the best service possible for your budget making your holiday affordable and comfortable.


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