5 Best activities to do in Sri Lanka

A good vacation should rate by the amount of amazement you’ve experienced- not by the pile of cash you’ve spent.

To enjoy a good (unforgettable) vacation in Sri Lanka, you need a list of amazing activities to do in the island. Keep reading this to find out 5 amazing activities to do in Sri Lanka that can add extraordinary experiences to your holiday in Sri Lanka, apart from ‘visit Sigiriya’,’Go to Kandy’.

Go on a Tuk-Tuk

You’ve been on trains and busses. How about Tuk-Tuks ?

Enjoy a bumpy ride and feel the wind in your hair while exploring the city. A Ride on a Tuk-Tuk is a rare experience you only can enjoy in few Asian countries including Sri Lanka. Giving you a unique and jolly transporting experience, a Tuk-Tuk is the best way to travel short distances. Especially, when you stay in the same city for few days.

Feed an elephant in Pinnawala

If you have plans to visit Kandy from Colombo, make sure to stop by the Elephant orphanage in Pinnawala. Being a home to orphan baby elephants and lost elephants in the wild, the orphanage rehabilitates wild elephants until they are ready to live in the wilderness again. Apart from presenting these majestic giants of the wild at close quarters, the place gives you the opportunity to feed them with fruits -an amazing privilege you can’t refuse.

Go on a safari wildlife tour 

Explore the pristine nature in a 4 x4 jeep and capture the incredible sights of the wildlife in its untamed grandeur in a National park in Sri Lanka. Proudly owning more than 20 national parks, Sri Lanka is a paradise for nature lovers, animal enthusiasts and bird watchers. With a diverse of wildlife including Elephants, leopards, peacocks, crocodiles and more, a safari in Sri Lanka is one of the most exciting activity to do in Sri Lanka that can add picture perfect memories to your trip in Sri Lanka.

Go whale watching in Mirissa

Capture the rare sights of these endangered giant mammals of the ocean that disappears into water splashes while sprouting water from their heads. Get on a boat ride to visit these amazing creature of the Ocen.At Mirissa you can witness different types of huge whales along with dolphins who jump up right in front of the boat!

Take a selfie with a flawless fall in Nuwara Eliya

The effortlessly flowing waterfalls in the hill country in Sri Lanka complement the beauty of the island and provide valuable water sources for the hill country ecosystem.If you have plans to visit Hill country in your holiday in Sri Lanka, taking a selfie in the background of a breathtaking view of a waterfall and its surrounding landscape is an ‘absolute must’, so you can refresh that fascinating moment again and again in your life.

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