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Sri Lanka at a Glance

Pearl Of Indian Ocean..

As a tropical island located in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is an assemblage of sand beaches, a splendour of nature and a beacon for tourists.

About Sri Lanka

Bringing you an array of wonderful experiences with its’ stunning beaches, great culture, wondrous heritage, delicious culinary and world-class hospitality, Sri Lanka is an absolute paradise on earth. Being a neighbour to India, the island has once known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean, Serendib, Taprobane and Ceylon and has admired by some of the world greatest explorers and traders including Marco Polo and Ibn Battuta.

Modes of Transport

Among the transport methods in Sri Lanka public transportation (train and buses) is the most popular mode of transportation in Sri Lanka. In addition, you‘ll find Tuk-Tuks very commonly in Sri Lanka which are perfect for travelling short distances.

Car rental services, helicopter and seaplane tours are also available among the transportation options in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Profile

Official Name: Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

President: Hon. Maithripala Sirisena

Dimensions: 430km North to South, 225km East to West

Coastline: 1,340km

Area: 65,525km

Currency Code: Sri Lankan Rupee (LKR)

Administrative Capital: Sri Jayewardenepura

Commercial Capital: Colombo

Population: 21,128,773

Official Language : Sinhala

Languages Spoken : Sinhala, Tamil and English

Highest Mountain: Pidurutalagala ( 2,524m )

Highest Waterfall: Bambarakanda (263m )

Travel Tips For You

• Book in advance to secure, your desired accommodation especially if you are visiting Sri Lanka in the peak season between December and March.

• Obtain a Sri Lanka visit visa in advance (visit the official government website

• Pack cotton clothes, a pair of sunglass, suntan lotion and, of course, swimwear if you are visiting beaches. And don’t forget comfortable shoes, sandals or trainers and cotton socks.

• Most widely accepted credit cards in Sri Lanka are American Express, Visa and MasterCard.

• Have a plenty of small notes at all times as tipping is normal in Sri Lanka and everyone expects to be tipped.

• Tap water is not safe to drink so make sure to drink bottled water.

• Contact tourist Police (+ 94 11 2382209) if you have anything stolen or in a case of an emergency.

• ATMs are the easiest way to withdraw money using international credit cards or debit cards.

• Banks are open from 0900 hrs to 1300 hours Monday to Friday.

• Tobacco products are not part of a tourist’s duty-free allowance and certain types of animal products, antiques and gold are not allowed to be taken out of the country.

• Avoid flash photography near old murals and photographed in front of or beside any statues especially in Buddhist religious sites.

• Wear white and well-covered clothes when you are visiting religious places.


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